Landmark continues its growth with expanding its product range beyond its core specialty lines by entering the property market with Andrew Ravenscroft joining Landmark on the 3rd January 2023 as Head of Property.

Andrew comes with over 20 years’ experience, seeing an in-depth career and a seasoned disciplined market leader, being leading Class underwriter at both Brit and Amlin.

David Ratledge, Managing Director of the privately owned Landmark London-headquartered underwriting agency, said: “Landmark has both experienced and controlled growth over the past few years. We have simultaneously developed an acquisition plan and organic growth by the shareholders which has produced a solid foundation to provide an exciting trajectory both for the group and the underwriting teams for years to come. Andrew joining is the right stage for Landmark to develop their offering with an expert in his field and compliment the groups previous RAD acquisition in 2022. I am personally looking forward to working with Andrew, having 2023 start with an exciting step forward for the MGA”.

Andrew Ravenscroft said, ”I am delighted to be joining Landmark’s core underwriting leadership team. I am looking forward to 2023 and this new and exciting challenge. The underwriting group has taken their expansion seriously and at the right moments since it opened in London, and we will be well-placed in 2023 to continue with this controlled growth, building on the strength of the specialist portfolio.”

Andrew will also be heading up Landmark’s cycling club based from its central HQ in Leadenhall Market.