Westminster Wanderers Football club - Landmark's Ambassadors


In 2019 Landmark announced a major sponsorship of Westminster Wanderers First team's shirts.

Landmark Underwriting are delighted that they will be taking over from Integro as the new shirt sponsorship for the Westminster Wanderers First team for the 2019/2020 season. ​​​The Westminster Wanderers Football club’s First team will also be joining Landmark as Brand Ambassadors with Esmee Hawkey. 


About the Westminster Wanderers First team

Westminster Wanderers are a successful Sunday League Football Club. Annual tours as far as New York City and Reykjavik​​.

We have players from politics, researchers, advisers, public affairs, policy, the civil service, PR, journalism, academia and beyond, and are cross-party. The growth of the club has only come about because they are well organised and attract and retain good players.​ Having been founded in 1999, the upcoming season will be the Wanderers’ 20th anniversary, and we’re aiming for some more silverware in the cabinet.


Southern Sunday Football League

You can see more about Westminster Wanderers in the Southern Sunday Football League pages in the London section of Football Mitoo.  Club Chairman is Alex Aiken the Head of Communications for the UK Government.


The Landmark Brand

We at Landmark are excited to be in partnership with Westminster Wanderers and with our brand supported by the Westminster Wanderers first team we will see our Brand exposure grow. 

This is an exciting year in 2019 and 2020 for us both.  Support the Westminster Wanderers 2019/20 season .