To mark World Mental Health day (10 October 2021) Ross Lazaroo-Hood Group CEO at Landmark recognises that there is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching impacts on many industries and their staff, and one of the most worrying for us all has been its effect on our mental health.

Ross and the Board of Landmark had a proactive response to the pandemic, communication was and is key to employees that respects that this is especially a challenging time and that the company has robust resources to support mental health and wellness for the growing awareness of why mental wellness matters.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, depression, stress and suffering from anxiety has happened to a lot of people.
Not forgetting that we have those still experiencing loneliness, heightened by the lockdowns, and still ongoing with working from home policies.

We should still remain optimistic about the changes that our working lives have become and the future opportunities that present with them. Ross says taking steps to improve wellbeing should be a priority for reassuring those in your workforce, actively encouraging staff to be taking deliberate steps to improve their mental health.

With daily scheduled team/individual catch-ups/meetings over Zoom / Teams it is important to spend time to set up calls to talk about non-work things and to listen to people’s concerns, taking more time outside and in nature where possible for work, while taking in more exercising and not forgetting about having time to connect with friends and family to provide positive environments to boast a healthy mindset.

The time saved from travelling to the office on those WFH days can be used for switching off moments; with reading as a method to improve wellbeing, from new hobbies, gardening to meditation the importance for productivity as well as employees’ feeling of accomplishment and control should be encouraged.

At Landmark, we have continued our support of mental and physical well-being has set up a free cycling club both for our Landmark staff plus anyone involved in our industry to boast personal connectivity, exercise and wellbeing, with some members having just taken part in the WheelPower – British Wheelchair sports cause cycle through the Tour de Vale.