Landmark Holding Group have partnered with The RUSA Foundation and are delighted to have donated 10 new laptops this week to those disadvantaged families to assist their children for home schooling within London Boroughs during this current climate. 

With this project, and in partnership with the RUSA Foundation, Landmark Holding Group have issued a call for all MGAs and insurance intermediaries to support their initiative to sponsor and provide new/old Laptops or providing money to purchase Laptops for all underprivileged children for homeschooling within London Boroughs and throughout the whole of the four nations within the U.K.

Acknowledging that there is now even more uncertainty for our young people the Executive Board at Landmark Holding Group and the Trustees of The RUSA Foundation are working with the Cities of London and Westminster MP Nickie Aiken, The Department of Children’s Services, City of London and Larne Football Club to provide laptops for the most disadvantaged. 

This initiative will help children keep up with their school work, enable them to continue their learning and education at home. Education and access to learning is vital for children to have the opportunity to reach their potential. 

We would welcome the larger insurance community as a whole to join us and build momentum to provide this small item, which will bring such a big impact to the few and the many. 

As to coordinate with the insurance market and so we can manage the interest and the supply of laptops to be delivered please contact Sitki Gelmen, Ross Lazaroo-Hood and The RUSA Foundation by emailing:

The RUSA Foundation are happy to discuss on any other initiatives that will provide for those in need. “

The Landmark Holding Group Ltd Executive Board comprises of: 

Peter Staddon Non Executive Chairman, Ross Lazaroo-Hood Group CEO, Sitki Gelmen Group CFO, David Robinson Group CUO, their website is

More details of the RUSA Foundation can be found at : The RUSA Foundation