Landmark are pleased to announce that Peter Staddon has agreed to extend his role as Non-Executive Chairman for an additional two years through to 2023. 

As a well-respected individual in our Insurance market, Peter has brought many valuable skills and guidance to all within Landmark and we are delighted that he has accepted this extension to stay at Landmark. 
Ross Lazaroo-Hood, Group Chief Executive, welcomed Peter’s decision to extend his appointment and said:

“Our role has been as an MGA to incentivise innovation through accessibility and service. To perform at our best we need to draw on breadth and wealth of professional experience and expertise. I, with the other Board members, are delighted to have Peter continue with the already experienced and committed team within the Board”.

Peter Staddon,” My continuation puts us in an excellent position at an exciting time. We have achieved Chartered Status in 2021 which has shown our professionalism and commitment to service. We have an important role to play in helping to deliver to our Broker partners the service they expect and to build on Landmark’s innovation strategy and continue on making our brand known as we are just getting started in delivering on our ambitious programme on expansion and growth to transform our existing/new products/services over the next five years.”