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About Landmark Underwriting

Landmark Underwriting is a specialist Managing General Agent. We’re proud of working in close partnerships to build meaningful long-term business relationships with individuals and teams.

We provide innovative insurance solutions and are committed to offering a first class service to our global strategic Broking partners that’s also efficient. We specialise in Professional Indemnity, After the Event, Commercial Risks and Directors & Officers.

Our team has in-depth knowledge, bringing the skills, experience, and expertise from each of our divisions to the Global Insurance market. This is reflected within our niche market divisions and over a hundred years of experience. Landmark Underwriting has the ability to offer off-the shelf solutions and unique policies which can be tailored to the requirements of our individual clients.

Landmark Underwriting can also provide additional solutions via our long-term partners, thanks to their expertise and professionalism. These include Risk Assessors and Dynamic Claims Management companies which provide our clients and Brokers with risk management and claims processes that are effortless and professional.

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Standing Stronger Together

Landmark has more than a century’s experience working in the London Insurance market, and globally, alongside the long-term relationships we prize with our clients and our Brokers. Strategic Partnerships are key to our vision for today and the future.

Openness, Clarity & Understanding

We take an open and collaborative approach to underwriting , working with our Brokers to foster a clear understanding of our client’s needs.

Message from Our Managing Director

For more than four years Landmark has been refining our MGA offering to both the Broking community and its clients, bringing a fresh approach and energy to the distinctive global insurance village. We’ve shown our commitment over this time, coupled with the controlled expansion, and by our owners reinvesting in our privately owned MGA, we have been able to build the Landmark brand. We at Landmark wish to provide a transparent approach to working, to provide our clients with everything they could need or require via their Brokers. Insurance is a partnership and it’s a partnership that should provide what it says to clients.

We aim to give that security to those that trust in us, in the insurance industry that they invest in. When insurance works we all thrive.

Through our partnerships, we have Openness, Clarity and Understanding. For us, here at Landmark, these aren’t just words they have a meaning. We take an open and collaborative approach to underwriting, working with our Brokers to ensure a clear understanding of our client’s needs.

We are proud of the combined experience and service we provide to all our clients and partners.
Our clients aren’t just looking for a policy, they want the after-service too and it’s something we can deliver with confidence thanks to our experience and the high-calibre Underwriters, Risk Managers and Claims Service Partners we work with. Landmark has always been about putting people first, we’re a family after all and we bring that spirit to a business model that is centred around value and service.

These principles are also borne out by our Landmark Ambassadors whose passion to be at the top of their sports is fuelled by both their commitment and hard work plus the support of high calibre teams around them. We at Landmark bring the same ethos to our business community and clients.

David Ratledge

Managing Director

The Landmark Culture

Our culture reflects the distinctive MGA energy that Landmark brings to the global marketplace. We nurture a group-based, co-operative culture that brings the Landmark brand to each of our companies.

We strive to empower all of the individuals who work together, Standing Stronger together.

This allows us to instil high levels of consistency and maintain a quality of standard across every part of our organisation. We have embraced technology in our efforts to achieve this too by integrating systems which streamline our processes and advance our end-to-end delivery.

Here at Landmark we seek to promote entrepreneurial excellence as well as a willingness to innovate. We recognise that everyone has a voice and we are all open to new ideas.
Our ability to adapt and respond to the evolving reinsurance and consultancy industry is at the forefront of the Landmark Group.